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Thank you for visiting us today. We make software, and provide consulting for dental practices with multiple locations to manage the business, marketing and accounting.
If there is any need you have for advice in any business issue you may have, or if you are looking for a software tool that you can't seem to find, please contact us and we shall make every effort to help or resolve your challenge. =)
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 Business is quite good with Dental Intranet at your service. Centralized information helps you do it right consistently, and a fast, clear look at your practice numbers guides you to focus on the right things.

 Dental Intranet has the right tools to turn long, tedious business tasks into instant completion, so you can save valuable time to spend on the important things in life : PEOPLE

 Patients, personnel, your family and friends will get more of your time when you use our software to manage your dental practice.



smile, business is good with the dental intranet

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